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Winter: Not All it’s Cracked Up to Be.

Tips for Dry Lips

Tips for Dry Lips

It’s the middle of winter down here on the bottom half of the planet and the cold windy weather is constantly trying to sabotage my quest for the perfect pout. Using lipsticks with a moisturizing formula certainly helps but dry, cracked lips and lipstick simply don’t work.

Luckily looking after your lips in winter can be inexpensive, really easy and only has to take about a minute out of your day. There are a lot of great lip care products out there, and I’ve definitely gone through my share of balms and ointments, but I keep coming back to these two basic products –  a simple lip scrub and some paw paw salve.

The lip scrub I use is the Mint Julips  Lip Scrub from Lush. I love this stuff,  it smells like mint chocolate, tastes sooo yummy and lasts for ages. I’m sure you could easily make your own lip scrub using castor sugar and essential oils (which is all this really is) but at only AUD$10  a jar it hardly seems worth the effort. And as for the paw paw salve, you can pick this up in almost any health food store, but I personally always make sure that I buy a brand free from petrochemicals (petroleum jelly) as I don’t like the idea of putting petrol based products on my skin.

So here’s my routine:
1. At night, after cleansing my skin and moisturising, I give my lips a gentle scrub . All you need to do is put a small amount of the scrub on your lips and rub in a gentle, small circular motion and then, here’s the best bit, lick it off 🙂
2. Then simply finish off with a slick of the paw paw salve and you’re done. Your lips should feel soft and smooth and the paw paw will continue to keep your lips hydrated through the night.

3. In the morning I put another light coat of the paw paw salve and voila, smooth, hydrated lips ready for your favourite lipstick!

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The Dreaded Red – Entering the Brave New World of Red Lipstick

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour

I want this lipstick so bad but it’s likely to hurt the budget so  it’s probably not such a bad thing that it’s not available down in the land of Aussie just yet!

It has got me thinking though. This is a BOLD red and I know that for many, myself included, taking that leap into the red lipstick territory is really daunting. I worked with a woman who wore red lipstick every day, she had light blond hair, porcelain skin and these beautiful bright red lips that looked simply fantastic. I always admired her courage to work the red, but was certain that it would look silly on me.

So here’s what I did, I made a pact to wear red lipstick twice a week for a month, and I won’t lie, it was hard! You feel like everyone is staring at your lips and that you surely look ridiculous. I almost gave up until  one morning, when I was on the tram to work, and this lady sitting opposite me said “What lipstick are you wearing? It’s a beautiful colour, I feel like I could actually wear that”

And that was my turning point, because I realised that I had become the woman who looked great in red lipstick, that woman that other’s admired for my courage whilst thinking they themselves could never pull it off.  My advice is to go for it, yes it may be scary at first, but once you break through that initial barrier, it’s fabulous!

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