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Review: Maybelline Color Sensational #253 Cinnamon Stick

Maybelline ColorSensational-#253 Cinnamon Stick

Maybelline ColorSensational-#253 Cinnamon Stick

I really like the Color Sensational range from Maybelline, I have a few of them now and I just find that they are a great inexpensive lipstick that go on smoothly, are not too drying and wear incredibly well. I also really like the packaging as they have a different lid color for each color family i.e. brown for neutrals, red for red, pink for pinks etc, which makes it really easy to locate the one you’re after quickly.

This particular shade is probably my favourite, it’s on theĀ Maybelline website as a Neutral colour but it goes on as a sort of earthy red. This lipstick has little flecks of coppery sparkle through it so it gives a shiny, but not glossy, finish and the color payoff is great. It’s a rich red that is muted enough to be wearable everyday and, if applied with a brush, will seriously last hours. I had it on today and it lasted through breakfast, morning snack, a couple of cups of coffee all the way up until lunch time and, although it had lost its sparkle, was still in pretty good shape. It didn’t make it through lunch but I’m still fairly impressed.

So the downside? It smells like cinnamon-vanilla play dough! If you’re a fan of play dough, you’ll love this lipstick, and even if you’re not it’s not a strong smell so it’s worth putting up with it.

Rating: 4/5

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