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Review: Lipstick Queen, Saint Berry

20130912-120909.jpgToday I’m wearing Lipstick Queen’s Saint Berry. I’m sure I’ve said it before but Lipstick Queen is hands down my favouite brand for colour, quality and texture. I have five lipsticks from Poppy King’s range and although this one is not my favourite, I’ll be sure to post that one soon, it’s probably a close second.
What I love: Dayum gurrl this stuff is smooth! It feels beautiful as you put it on and stays silky and moisturising for ages. It feels like a balm, so when you put it on you automatically assume that it won’t last, but let me tell you the colour payoff exceeds my expectations every time. This morning I’ve had a coffee, breakfast, a bottle of water and my lunch and I’m left with a lovely berry tint that’s perfectly acceptable without a touch up. In fact that might be one of my favourite things about Lipstick Queen’s Saint line is that they are very low maintenance. I also really like the gold matte tube, very classy, and it makes it easier to find amongst the twenty or so lipsticks in my bag because I can identify it by feel alone!

What I don’t love: Nothing, seriously, these are my favourite lipsticks, I have nothing bad to say. The only thing, which I think I’ve said before, is that the brand doesn’t have a broad retail presence, not in Australia anyway, so ordering online is the only option for me.

This lipstick is a perfect shade to suit almost any skin tone and the buildable colour and moisturizing finish make this formula to die for. At around $27AUD this lipstick, in my opinion, is excellent value for money.
Rating: 5/5


Review: Lipstick Queen, Jean Queen



I’ve mentioned this before, but I absolutely love the Lipstick Queen range, all the more for knowing that the brand  is dedicated to lipsticks and glosses and is owned by none other than Poppy King, an Australian with a passion for lipstick. The thing with Lipstick Queen, is that you know every shade is borne out of a love for the pout so the colour, pigment and shine are top quality.

So with that in mind I’ve finally gotten round to reviewing the lipstick I had to have, Lipstick Queen’s Jean Queen.

What I love: the texture is to die for, it’s virtually weightless, silky smooth and just glides on your lips. It feels like a balm rather than a lipstick and as a result is super moisturising.

The shade is really lovely, a sheer YLBB kind of pink and I do agree with the product description in that it lights up your face. I’m not totally sold on whether it’s the perfect shade for denim but it certainly looks gorgeous on all skin tones and any outfit, jeans included!. It has a glossy sheen so it’s perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like sticky glosses, but still wants a dewy pout.

The packaging is simple but cute: blue metal with the Lipstick Queen logo, and I like that it’s smaller than most lipstick cases so you can fit your in your purse.

What I don’t love: The only thing that I don’t like about this, and all Lipstick Queen products is that I can’t buy it in my city. Luckily it can be purchased online from Kit Cosmetics, but I’m so impatient and hate having to wait for the postman!

All in all, a definite must have for any Lipstick Queen or Princess.

Rating 4/5

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