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Review: Bourjois Sweet Kiss #43 Rose Pomponne



After hearing rave reviews about Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation I really wanted to try it, but if there’s one thing I don’t need, it’s more foundation.

I told myself that the only way I was allowed to buy it was if it was on sale, and what do ya know – it was 50% off at my local Priceline (Australian drug store) a  couple of weeks ago.

So I go in on a mission to only buy lipstick, I mean foundation, I mean ….. whatever, I bought both.

What I love:
 This lipstick is really lovely and I’ve gotten lots of compliments when I wear it. The colour is a very wearable, rose pink with cool undertones and the finish is creamy with a subtle shine. This lipstick is definitely build-able, with one swipe giving a very light sheer pink, and two or three layers giving that beautiful rose colour with amazing depth.  I also really like this  lipstick for it’s moisturising formula, lightweight feel on my lips and pleasant musk scent. The packaging on this lipstick is interesting in that the cap covers the entire tube and can be removed by pushing down the little silver slider on the side, whereby the lipstick simply pops out the bottom. It’s also a unique vibrant purple that stands out amongst my other lipsticks, and has a coloured end matching the shade inside.

What I don’t love:
 In terms of staying power it’s acceptable, but not note-worthy, and as much as I commend their efforts to be unique on the packaging front, they just haven’t quite pulled it off in my opinion. I find the push mechanism to get the lipstick out to be a little clunky (or maybe that’s just me being uncoordinated!) and once you have the lipstick out of the casing, it actually looks a bit like a tester which is disappointing.

I’ve found myself wearing  this lipstick quite often and on it’s own it’s very pretty, but I’ve also found it to be a great base, even mixing it with red lipsticks to make a pretty cherry colour. I do like this lipstick but I probably wouldn’t buy it at full price (around $20 in Australia)

Rating: 4/5

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Review: NYX Black Label Lipstick #125 Berry


NYX Black Label Lipstick #125 Berry

For the last three years, my fiancée and I have ensured that all the gifts we buy our friends and family for Christmas are either Fair Trade or are items where a majority of the proceeds go to Charity. It’s our way of making sure that Christmas means more than just buying random stuff that people don’t need. Last year I bought my sister the MAC Viva Glam lipglass in Cyndi as all the proceeds go to the MAC AIDS Fund and, after seeing it on her, instantly decided I had to have it. Now as you all know I am a lipstick lover, not a gloss girl, so although I like the colour of the lipglass, I didn’t really like the gloss formula. So my mission became to find a ‘drug-store’ alternative to the lipglass and I’ve finally found it. This lipstick is an absolute dupe for the Cyndi lipglass, and at around $10, costs less than a third of the price!

What I love: Everything! Seriously, this lipstick is amazing.  The formula is a beautiful, creamy consistency that feels moisturizing without being heavy. This particular shade is a deep coral pink, with a touch of raspberry and the pigment is incredibly rich. It has a  juicy shine and wears very well, albeit needing some attention to keep it looking fresh all day. I can pick up a slight hint of grape scent, but it’s barely noticeable, and there is no taste at all.

The packaging is chic, a square metallic black tube with a subtle lace print, combined with a colour peek end makes me a happy buyer. Sure, it doesn’t have the glam factor of the high end brands like Chanel or Giorgio Armani, but it certainly impresses for the price point.

What I don’t love: Honestly I only have one gripe about this lipstick and it has nothing to do with the lipstick itself. Like most good things, it’s almost impossible to buy these in Australia, and those that do have it charge double the online price. So for now I’ll have to settle for online shopping, which makes me a little uneasy as I like to swatch lipsticks before I buy.

In summary, this lipstick is hands down my new favourite. I’m really keen to try more from this range and at such a good price, I think I can justify it in my budget!

Rating: 5/5

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Jean Queen

I Love Lipstick Queen, I have the Medieval Tinted Treatment, Wine Sinner and Saint Rust and I wear all enthusiastically and often. They are an amazingly smooth and moisturising texture and the colours are buildable so I get a lot of wear out of them.

So I’m really excited to try this new shade, described on the Lipstick Queen website as ” A lovingly created special pink that offsets the blue in the denim and lights up your whole face at the same time”. But alas, there are no stockists where I live, however I am making an interstate trip in a couple of weeks so I think this will be my treat purchase!

In the mean time has anyone tried it? Care to share your thoughts?

The Dreaded Red – Entering the Brave New World of Red Lipstick

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour

I want this lipstick so bad but it’s likely to hurt the budget so  it’s probably not such a bad thing that it’s not available down in the land of Aussie just yet!

It has got me thinking though. This is a BOLD red and I know that for many, myself included, taking that leap into the red lipstick territory is really daunting. I worked with a woman who wore red lipstick every day, she had light blond hair, porcelain skin and these beautiful bright red lips that looked simply fantastic. I always admired her courage to work the red, but was certain that it would look silly on me.

So here’s what I did, I made a pact to wear red lipstick twice a week for a month, and I won’t lie, it was hard! You feel like everyone is staring at your lips and that you surely look ridiculous. I almost gave up until  one morning, when I was on the tram to work, and this lady sitting opposite me said “What lipstick are you wearing? It’s a beautiful colour, I feel like I could actually wear that”

And that was my turning point, because I realised that I had become the woman who looked great in red lipstick, that woman that other’s admired for my courage whilst thinking they themselves could never pull it off.  My advice is to go for it, yes it may be scary at first, but once you break through that initial barrier, it’s fabulous!

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