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Identity Crisis – Red or Dead

Ok so maybe the title of this post is a little melodramatic but I really feel like I’m lost here! I’ve spent the last couple of years building my lipstick identity, knowing what shades go with each outfit and matching lipsticks to my mood. And then I went and coloured my hair.  I’ve gone from being a natural looking dark blonde, which was a nuetral base for just about any makeup palette, to a deep mahogany red.

Whilst I really like my new hair colour, I’ve found that all my ‘go-to’ shades are now ‘not-so-sure’ shades and I feel like I’m starting all over again.  Can I wear just any red, or does it have to complement the tone of my hair, I know I can be safe with nudes, but that’s just boring and here comes the tough one – what about pinks and corals? I don’t know about you but I have this inherent belief that pinks and red clash and have this underlying fear that I’m being terribly unfashionable. It’s so frustrating! Gah!

Out of all this there has been two good things, I’m trying out lipsticks that had been shoved to the back of my drawer and I am having a bit more fun with eyeshadow, which has taken a back seat to lipstick in the past. Despite this I still feel like I need to get my groove back and so have decided to use this post as lipstick therapy.

Without further adieu, here are some of my favourite red heads showing us that our bold locks do not have to take centre stage and that lipstick can only add to our confidence and blatant sex appeal!

Emma Stone_Red Hair

Emma Stone is all Hollywood glamour

Florence Welch_Bold Red

Florence Welch does it bold with a deep red shade

Arleen Whelan_vintage beauty

Nothing says old Hollywood, like old Hollywood right? Arleen shows us how to do it with perfectly sculpted eyebrows and porcelain skin

Model Alice Burdeu looks sweet with cherry lips

Christina Hendricks_LA Times

Christina Hendricks looks lovely in the rosey shade

Karen Gillan_Gorgeous Ginger

Perhaps my favourite red head, Karen Gillan shows us that being the Doctor's companion doesn't mean you take a back seat.


Sasha Pivovarova is emulating Jessica Rabbit in this shoot for Numero

Scarlett Johansson_Vogue Paris_2009

Scarlett Johansson goes for a more subtle lip look

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Alluring Classic – Leighton Meester

Allure Magazine Jan 2011 Cover

Alluring Classic

Leighton Meester appears on the cover of Allure Magazine’s January issue and looks stunning.

I love that her lips are a focus on this shoot, with a beautiful matte orange/red lipstick. The subtle shade on her lids, combined with the flawless skin and soft waves makes for a very classy look indeed.

Alannah Hill – an inspiration for lipstick lovers

Alannah Hill Spring/Summer 2010

Alannah Hill Collection

Alanah Hill has a beautiful collection this spring/summer and the images are to die for. Classic old hollywood glamour with beautiful florals and embellishments in hues of fuschia, violet and mustard. Of course I am completely seduced by the lipstick in the collection. Check it out here

Alannah Hill Collection

Alannah Hill Spring/Summer 2010

Christina Hendricks in LA Times

Christina Hendricks

That liptick!!!!!

Christina Hendricks is quite possibly the sassiest ambassador for lipstick today. Her character in Mad Men, Joan Holloway, does such a fabulous job of reminding us how accentuating our looks and embracing our curves doesn’t have to mean we’re brainless vamps. Read more on the interview with Christina Hendicks in LA Times Magazine here