Review: Lipstick Queen, Saint Berry

20130912-120909.jpgToday I’m wearing Lipstick Queen’s Saint Berry. I’m sure I’ve said it before but Lipstick Queen is hands down my favouite brand for colour, quality and texture. I have five lipsticks from Poppy King’s range and although this one is not my favourite, I’ll be sure to post that one soon, it’s probably a close second.
What I love: Dayum gurrl this stuff is smooth! It feels beautiful as you put it on and stays silky and moisturising for ages. It feels like a balm, so when you put it on you automatically assume that it won’t last, but let me tell you the colour payoff exceeds my expectations every time. This morning I’ve had a coffee, breakfast, a bottle of water and my lunch and I’m left with a lovely berry tint that’s perfectly acceptable without a touch up. In fact that might be one of my favourite things about Lipstick Queen’s Saint line is that they are very low maintenance. I also really like the gold matte tube, very classy, and it makes it easier to find amongst the twenty or so lipsticks in my bag because I can identify it by feel alone!

What I don’t love: Nothing, seriously, these are my favourite lipsticks, I have nothing bad to say. The only thing, which I think I’ve said before, is that the brand doesn’t have a broad retail presence, not in Australia anyway, so ordering online is the only option for me.

This lipstick is a perfect shade to suit almost any skin tone and the buildable colour and moisturizing finish make this formula to die for. At around $27AUD this lipstick, in my opinion, is excellent value for money.
Rating: 5/5


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