She Who Hesitates is Lost

Soooo. It’s been a while huh? It feels like a lot has happened since I last posted, but when I went to write it all down, I realized that I haven’t done anything extraordinary at all. We moved house, renovated and had a baby. And whilst on my screen, those three words seem small, at the time they were big, all consuming and life changing tasks.  I’ve been logging onto this site for a few weeks now, thinking that I’d like to rekindle my old lipstick flame, but hesitating because it felt as through too much time had passed, that I couldn’t just pick up and continue on as though nothing had happened. I realised tonight that my hesitation was borne out of fear; fear to commit, fear of rejection and fear of failure. And then I remembered…… it’s a blog about freaking lipstick, get over it already!

Here’s the deal, I commit to nothing, you may get regular posts or you may not, and if you don’t like what you read, I’m sure you’ll find a thousand other makeup blogs that suit your tastes.

First up, I bought new lipsticks on the weekend, just cheapies because we are now a single income family, but I’ll make an effort to post about them soon. Until then xx


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