Review – Chanel Rouge Coco #5 Mademoiselle

Rouge Coco #5 Mademoiselle

Rouge Coco #5 Mademoiselle

So I thought I’d start off with the lipstick everyone is talking about. I’m sure you’re probably all sick of reading reviews on Rouge Coco #5 but I promise to get it out the way and you’ll never hear about it again.

First have to admit that I was completely seduced by the ad. I totally can’t whistle, but I still walked around for days trying to get my lips to do that cute puckery thing that Vanessa Paradis had going! I finally decided to go to my Chanel counter to try it on and here’s the thing; usually a lipstick is like a slow burn for me, I have to wear it in, get a feel for it and then I decide if I like it or not, but #5 had me at hello.

It’s such a creamy, luxurious texture and it has been adequately described as a chameleon in that it looks different on everybody. For that reason it’s hard to describe the colour but I’d say it’s sort of a rosey beige. Also, in addition to throwing different colours depending on your skin tone, it changes under different light; I find it throws a more pinky colour in daylight, but a more coral colour in artificial light. It has great pigmentation and is pretty versatile in it’s application. I like to change the way I wear it, some days I’l lather it on so it’s nice and creamy, and other days I’ll pat it on with my finger just get a hint of colour on my lips. Even though it’s not a long wearing lipstick, it has great stay-put power – it’s kind of like it stains your lips. Ooh almost forgot to mention that it’s great as a blush too!

The only down side is that I have found it to be a little drying, so I have to make sure I moisturise my lips at night when I wear it.

The packaging is amazing and honestly there’s just something to be said about the feeling you get when you put on Chanel #5, but especially when it happens to be a lipstick!

Rating 4.5/5

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